Tennis  Fund  Raising  Event 
For  Genomic  Cancer  Research
 "Keep The Ball In Motion... Rally And Give Back” 

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                                                                 AND WHAT COACHES ARE SAYING ABOUT THE EVENT                                                               


     First, I want to thank all the Coaches for "Hosting" this event at their facility on February 9th, 2013 and February 8th, 2014. 

The Tennis Relay Event will be a success because of Coaches like these who are donating their time and their
                                                                  efforts to make this event possible.  I can’t thank you enough. See the Coaches comments below.                                                                    

     Please contact your coach and ask them to “Host” a Court for 2015.

Hosting sites for February 8th, 2014 are posted below - Unfortunately weather interrupted of cancelled most events.

For 2015, we have scheduled February 7th as the main event date but we are asking coaches to host the event on any date that works best for them.
The purpose of the relay is to raise money for Genomic Cancer Research and that should not be date dependent.

     Thank you,

     Teah L. Flynn


     Event Sponsor and Event Headquarters:  

    JD Hall, USPTA, Pinnacle Country Club, Rogers, AR        


    Hosting Sites: February 1st , 2014


    Shreveport / Bossier City Area - Shelly Naisbitt - LWLACTA Community Coordinator

    Hosting Sites: February 6th, 2014


    Ferris State University - Big Rapids, MI 49307 - David Hunt


     Hosting Sites: February 8th, 2014  



     Rogers, AR – Pinnacle Country Club – Coach JD Hall, USPTA

     Lake Village AR - Lake Village Country Club - Coach Cody Wall 

     Bentonville AR - Memorial Park - Ozark Tennis Academy - Coaches Christy and Jared Ward - DUE TO WEATHER LOCATION HAS CHANGED TO HARVEST RACQUET CLUB 201 N 37th St., Rogers AR  

     Fayetteville AR - Fayetteville Athletic Club - Coach Bill Maxwell / Coach Scott Perkinson

     Farmington AR - Farmington High School - Coach Matt Mahan - CHANGED TO MARCH 8TH, 2014


     Solomon Tennis - San Diego, CA - Coach T. Solomon Liu 


    Bradenton, FL - River Strand Golf and Country Club – Coach Nate Griffin, USTPA

     Indian Harbour Beach, FL - Kiwi Tennis Club - Dawn Bray, Director of Marketing and Special Events


     Atlanta, GA - Ansley Golf Club - Matt Grayson - Athletic Director
     Atlanta, GA - YMCA Buckhead / Moores Mill Road - Coach Ivo Barbic  -  Cancelled due to Family Emergency 


     Eau Claire, WI - Eau Claire YMCA Tennis Center - Matthew Boughton, Tennis Center Director

Pending Locations:


       Bates Tennis Services - Phoenix Area, AZ
       Surprise Tennis and Racquet Complex, Surprise, AZ


      Fayetteville Athletic Club - Fayetteville, AR 

       Total Tennis Center - Clearwater, FL

       New York:

       Hobart and William Smith College - Geneva, NY


       Delaware State University - Women's Tennis - Philadelphia, PA

       South Carolina:

       Savannah Challenger, Savannah, SC


       Carefree Hospitality - Austin, TX
       Athletics & Aquatics at Walden Country Club on Lake Houston - Houston, TX

     What Coaches are saying:


J.D. Hall USPTA P-1
Director of Tennis
Pinnacle Country Club

The reason I decided to be a part of the relay b/c it was something so different and out of the ordinary and for great cause, I thought Teah’s  idea was fantastic.  The results were good for the first year but I believe we can do better each year to come.  We ran the event in 30 minute increments trying to sign groups up to either hit back in forth for a period of time or to play for that ½ hour slot.  We started at 9:00am with all adult play and played all the way through out the day till 6:00pm with the adults.  From 6:00pm - 9:00pm at night we had a junior night were all juniors could participate in the relay. We promoted the relay through membership emails, emailing different clubs throughout the area and we got the local news to cover it as well.


If you need more info please contact me directly,



J.D. Hall

Tennis Director /USPTA


Nate Griffin, USPTA
Director of Tennis, River Strand Golf and C.C.
7135 Grand Estuary Tr.
Bradenton, FL 34212

"I encourage all of my fellow USPTA pro's and pro's everywhere to participate in "Tennis Relay Event" on February 8.  I received and email from Teah Flynn over a year ago and saw how much effort a high school student was doing to begin a national tennis fundraising event for Genomic Cancer research and agreed to run this event at my club. It was simple to organize this event with a couple of emails and it basically ran itself from there. You only need one court and the format is simple and fun. We raised a few hundred dollars and we will probably double that total this next year." Nate Griffin, USPA, Director of Tennis, River Strand Golf and C.C., Bradenton, Florida

Holly Baney - Director of Marketing and Special Events
Kiwi Tennis Club
30 Tradewinds Dr
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
(321) 773-2116
email: Holly Baney <> 

Teah - Kiwi Tennis Club in Indian Harbour Beach, FL is on board for the relay.  We hope to raise at least $720 toward your goal.  We will let you know!  Congratulations on all of your efforts and best of luck with your event:)

“Kiwi is excited to give our members and tennis players in the community a chance to support this effort,” says Holly Baney,Marketing Director at Kiwi Tennis Club. “Teah has created a fun way to support a good cause in big way and we invite everyone to participate!”

Holly Baney
Director of Marketing and Special Events


Matt Grayson, USPTA
Athletic Director
Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomery Ferry Dr
Atlanta GA 30309
404-897-7707 | 404-724-9853 Fax 


Keep the Ball In Motion Tennis Relay

This was a fun event for our members that I believe will pick up participation as we move forward since the players had such a fun time with this first time event here at the club.

I got involved with this charity because JD Hall asked me to get involved.  I have worked with JD Hall for over 9 years here in Atlanta and he has moved to Pinnacle Golf Club as the Tennis Director.  Teah Flynn is a member there and has been the driving force behind this great cause and event.  JD called and asked me if I would try and help spread this event to the Atlanta area. 

We held our event on Saturday February 9th at the Ansley Golf Club

We had over eight hours of rally that day.

We set aside on court for a full day that was only to be used by the participants in the event.  We set up a quick on-line registration so members could book a time with a partner or sign up individually.  Members paid $50 for the hour of rally they signed up for and the proceeds went to the charity.  All we had to do was put up some flyers around the shop and send out few e-mails to the members to get people to sign up.


Since it was a rally court it did not need any pro assistance during the day and it was very easy to get going.  We look forward to doing again this year.


Matt Grayson



Matthew Boughton, USPTA
Tennis Center Director
Eau Claire YMCA Tennis Center
229 Moore Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703
(715) 836-8470
email: Matt Boughton <>


“This was a great event as it brought the tennis community together in an effort to do something great for an awesome cause.  We had a lot of fun participating in this event, and can’t wait to do it again.”


“We were able to get some local TV time, which is rare for tennis.  I went on the local morning show to talk about the format, etc.”


I have attached that link.


Matthew Boughton

Tennis Center Director


Eau Claire YMCA Tennis Center

229 Moore Street

Eau Claire, WI 54703

(715) 836-8470




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