Tennis  Fund  Raising  Event 
For  Genomic  Cancer  Research
 "Keep The Ball In Motion... Rally And Give Back” 


Q: Why did I decide to raise money for Genomic Cancer Research?

A: When I watched the CBS Morning Show about this research, I was amazed that they can now isolate a gene
that is actually causing the problem and treat that gene.  Here is the link:

Q: Why not a “Walkathon”?

A: Fund raisers use walking and running to raise money and they can have thousands of people participating. 
Tennis, the sport that I love, has tournaments here and there for charities but nothing that involves
thousands of people and nothing that draws local attention to the sport.

Q: Why a “relay” and not a “tournament”?

A: Tournaments are limited in their ability to have thousands of people participating in one tournament.
A “relay” doesn’t have any restrictions as to the number of participants.  The time on the court would be
adjusted to accommodate the number of people that sign up for that site.

Q: Who collects the entry fee?

A: The tournament site would sign people up for the “Relay” and collect the $10.00 when they sign up.
The main Tennis Relay Event is in February each year but due to weather that is not always possible. 
The purpose of the relay is to raise money for Genomic Cancer Research. A "relay" event can be held    
anytime. The coach or person hosting a court would send checks to the
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis. Their address is below. 

Washington University, St. Louis

Office of Medical Alumni and Development

Campus Box 1247 

7425 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 2100

St. Louis, MO 63105-2161

Donations can also be made online: You can see more details 
under the "Sponsorship" tab. It is important to put on the form and the check
“Tennis Relay”
so the money will go to Genomic Cancer Research.


Directions are also in my video about the event: //

All money goes directly to Genomic Cancer Research and they will send receipts for all donations
that are sent to Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis. Not one dime goes to offset any expense.

I would like each site to send me an email letting me know how much their site raised so I can keep track of the total amount raised.

Q: What if someone says they already paid online?

 A: That’s fine, just let them play. They may have a printout of their receipt but if they say they paid
online or mailed it in, that’s fine. The “Relay” is a fun event while benefiting others.

Q: What if the weather is cold and there are no indoor courts?

A: Sure, that is a problem, but as long as they are just keeping the ball in motion, they could wear sweat
suits and layered clothing to keep warm providing the courts are dry enough.

Q: Is there a registration fee for the site and does the site need to register?


A: There is no fee for the Tennis Facility to register but we would like to know that they will host this
event and provide a court. We would like the facilities to sign up as soon as possible
so we can get that information out to others.

Q: Does the “site” have to be a Tennis Club or Tennis Facility?

A: No, they just have to have a Tennis Court.
I go to public tennis courts to warm up before a tournament. Sometimes there is just a single court at a park.

Q: Can a High School Participate and host a site?

A: Sure and this is a great way to get students involved in Community Service

Q: What skills or ages can participate?

A: Anyone that can hit a ball with a racquet – all ages, all skill levels, families, clubs. Anyone can participate in the “relay”.

Q: Is there someone to contact for a reference?

A: The Tennis Director where I train is behind this event 100%. Please feel free to contact him. Here is his contact information:

JD Hall, Director of Tennis Pinnacle Country Club, Rogers, Arkansas
email:   Phone # 479-586-3298

Q: If I decide to "Host" a court - How does the relay work and what do I need to do?
A: Please go to the "Sponsorship" tab for details on how the relay works.


My thoughts are:

If there are 6 players an hour, alternating every ten minutes, each person in that “hour” time slot would
have 20 minutes on the court.  With six players an hour over a 12 hour period, that is 72 players.
If we have 1000 courts around the country participating, that is 72,000 tennis players participating
in one event - that is $720,000.00 for Genomic Cancer Research.

Pretty amazing ..

But it can’t happen without you!!

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